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Arthrex Suture Anchors (UK ONLY)
Arthrex Suture Anchors (UK ONLY)

This category contains the Arthrex Suture Anchors - Corkscrew (Cancellous Bone), FASTak II (Cortical Bone) & The Push Lock Suture Anchors.

Corkscrew suture anchors are designed for cancellous bone and are supplied pre-loaded and sterile on a disposable screwdriver type applicator.

Pre-drilling is not required.

Additional, non sterile stand alone Corkscrew anchors are also available which may be inserted using the same applicator. Should pre-drilling be necessary use a 2.5mm drill.

FASTak ll suture anchors are designed for cortical bone.

They are supplied sterile pre-loaded with #2 (Metric 5 FiberWire) and are used in the Isometric procedure.

The anchor requires no pre-drilling and is inserted directly using the disposable screwdriver handle applicator.

Additional FASTak anchors are available which may be inserted using the same applicator.

The Push Lock provides very secure anchorage of sutures without the requirement of a full bone tunnel.

A short blind tunnel 2.9mm diameter and 8mm deep is drilled. #2 (Metric 5)FiberWire is threaded through the eye of the lock.

The eye is pushed to the bottom of the hole and the suture tensioned. Pressing the plunger on the handle inserts the locking sleeve trapping the suture.

The Push Lock is suitable as an isometric anchor point F2 in the management of cranial cruciate rupture by isometric suture anchors.

  Corkscrew Anchors - Cancellous Bone

Fastak II Anchors - Cortical Bone

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