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Here you will find a selection of our new products. Please scroll down to see all the featured products now or to look at previous products featued in this new products section. 

The image shows suture screws being used as an anchor for the 150lb LigaFiba in the repair of a cats collateral ligament. Suture screws have a number of uses including shearing injuries, isometric lateral sutures (as shown), medial collateral replacement, etc.

The charcteristics of LigaFiba, in that it is extremely strong and resistant to abrasion, makes it the ideal suture material in hostile environments such as lateral sutures and hip toggles. Also supplied in single sterile lengths for use with suture anchors such as the above suture screws.


For more information and to buy the Suture Screws, Please click here.


For more information and to buy LigaFiba, Please click here.




Click Here To Buy Our New TTO Products


Warrick Bruce has designed two new instruments to make the TTO procedure easier and to eliminate some of the practical difficulties encountered using the original instrumenation.

The new combined osteometer and saw guide interlock to become a single instrument which is much easier to manage than the original two separate instruments. The thumbscrew locks the osteometer onto the saw guide for secure accurate osteotomies. The osteometer still has holes for fixation to the tibia using 1.6 arthrodesis wires.

Alternatively Warrick’s second new instrument ‘the Clasper’ may be used to lock the osteometer onto the tibia prior to cutting. The ‘Clasper’ has an additional role in that it is used to replace the kern bone holders in the original technique. The ‘Clasper’ grasps the tibia crest prior to closure and incorporates location holes for the very large fragment forceps to lock into. The ‘wedgie’, used for manipulating the three osteotomies remains unchanged.


 Click Here To Buy Our New TTA Forceps

Click Here To Buy Our New TTA Cages


The new 15mm cage is now available in the following lengths (25mm, 28mm, 31mm). Some surgeons tell me that it is long overdue, others say they have never felt the need!! Presumably there is under and/or overcorrection out there. 

Handling and positioning of the cage can be tricky, especially the smaller sizes. We now have introduced a TTA cage forcep which grasps the cage firmly along its centre line allowing it to be positioning without obscuring the surgeon’s view.





Click Here To See Our Full Locking Range 

The angular security of locking plate systems depends on a rigid interface between screw and plate. This is acheived either by the use of interlocking threads or by using the morse taper phenomenon as seen in the Fixin system.

The threads on the head of our screws are fine as required but have a twin start. The threads taper down the head as a double helix. The pitch (the distance between the tips of the threads) of each individual fine thread is the same as the threads on the bone screw but because of the double helix the number of threads per millimeter of locking thread is double that of the bone screw giving the fine threads required for metal on metal. The screw moves through the bone at the same rate as it moves through the plate maintaining the relative positions of both bone fragment and plate.


 For further information on our Locking Technology Click Here




Click Here To Buy Our New 2.4mm Supracondylar Plate

Supracondylar femoral fractures in mature animals can be very difficult to repair. Small fragment size makes placement of sufficient implants a challenge. In medium and large dogs there are often multiple small fragments in the supracondylar area. The forces acting on the distal femur are complex requiring a special plate to neutralise them. The 2.7 and 3.5mm plates were developed by Mark Glyde using finite element analysis.

Our new 2.4mm Supracondylar plate bridges the gap between 2.0 and 2.7mm to work with our 2.4mm cortical screws.


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