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Here you will find a selection of our new products for Autumn 2010. Please scroll down to see all the featured products now or to look at previous products featued in this new products section. 

To see our previous new products pages please click on the links below: -

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Osteoarthritic stifles can be very ‘tight’ making examination and treatment of meniscal lesions difficult. Distraction of the articular surfaces using intra-articular instruments clutters the operative field. 

Originally developed for arthroscopic use the extra articular distractor works very well in open surgery.


Pins are placed above and below the stifle approximately along the line of the medial collateral ligament. The standard distractor uses 2.5mm pins. For those TPLO surgeons who wish to use the proximal tibial pin as their proximal jig pin a version is available which takes 3.2mm (1/8”) pins.


Turning the thumb screw distracts the joint from the medial side exposing the medial meniscus. For better view of the caudal horn the pins may be twisted relative to one another which brings the tibial plateau forward.


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1.5/2.0 Cuttable Plates with “Spaces”
We have made our 1.5/2.0 cuttable plates as small as we possibly can. At 4.5mm wide and 1.00mm thick they accept the smallest screws yet are stiff enough for use in load bearing bones. Stiffness is maximised by giving the plate a convex profile. We have added the ‘cuttable with spaces’ to give the surgeon additional options. Depending on the position of the cuts the plate offers more than 12 different ‘mini’ plate options. See left.
Stacking the plates offers further options.

Cuttable plates are also available in 2.0/2.4/2.7mm

Also available in the same scale and weight is a new ‘T’ plate for miniature dogs and cats. This is as small as we can go using 1.5 and 2.0 screws. If the proximal section is too long it may be cut to a more appropriate length.



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Although requiring more initial dissection than the medial approach, the cranial plate makes alignment easier and does not involve screwing metatarsals to each other. Stability across the talocrural joint is achieved by screws which pass through the plate and cross the joint into the calcaneous. Slots on either side of the bend allow flexibility regarding screw angle.

Stress risers on either side of the talocrural joint are re-inforced by a thicker area of plate compared to a bent DCP. The plate has its maximum strength at the bend. Stiffness tapers towards both proximal and distal extremities reducing stress risers where the plate terminates. Effectively the plate is a 3.5 narrow DCP weight proximally, 3.5 broad in the centre and less than 2.7 DCP distally. This plate compliments the established feline cranial pantarsal plate.


 To download a PDF of the latest FiXiN catalogue, Please Click Here


The angular security of locking plate systems depends on a rigid interface between screw and plate. This is acheived either by the use of interlocking threads or by using the morse taper phenomenon as seen in the Fixin system.


The threads on the head of our screws are fine as required but have a twin start. The threads taper down the head as a double helix. The pitch (the distance between the tips of the threads) of each individual fine thread is the same as the threads on the bone screw but because of the double helix the number of threads per millimeter of locking thread is double that of the bone screw giving the fine threads required for metal on metal. The screw moves through the bone at the same rate as it moves through the plate maintaining the relative positions of both bone fragment and plate.


 For More Information On The FiXiN System,

Please Click Here



ABPS/ACP - Arthrex Veterinary Systems At the recent BEVA and ESVOT meetings there was increasing interest in the use of Autotolagous blood products. Arthrex has been involved in this field for over 10 years and has recently launched its own Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein system (ABPS) and ACP. To launch these systems Arthrex is offering a free centrifuge which can be used for both ABPS/ACP for a modest annual purchase commitment.

For More Information On The ABPS & ACP Arthrex Systems, Including Introductory offers, Please Click Here.

To Buy Our New TTA Premier Kit,

Please Click Here.

The TTA kit comprises three different screw sizes, at least seven plate and fork sizes, five cages sizes plus a wide selection of instruments. Our TTA case has locations for all implants and all instruments in one premium case. The paper filtration system minimises wrapping. The reasonably priced case will house all TTA equipment regardless of manufacturer.


To see a list of contents for this kit, Please Click Here. 



To buy this Premier Box & Insert only, without implants or equipment, Please Click Here.

Veterinary Instrumentation is very pleased to have been appointed European distributor for Veterinary Transplant Services (VTS) and Osteoallograft Orthomix, Periomix & Ossiflex Bone Membrane are now available for Canine, Feline and Equine patients.

These products are manufactured to the same exacting standards as human bone transplant material.

For More Information On The Osteoallograft Orthomix & Periomix Please Click The Links Below: -





Click Here To Buy Our New TTO Products


Warrick Bruce has designed two new instruments to make the TTO procedure easier and to eliminate some of the practical difficulties encountered using the original instrumenation.

The new combined osteometer and saw guide interlock to become a single instrument which is much easier to manage than the original two separate instruments. The thumbscrew locks the osteometer onto the saw guide for secure accurate osteotomies. The osteometer still has holes for fixation to the tibia using 1.6 arthrodesis wires.

Alternatively Warrick’s second new instrument ‘the Clasper’ may be used to lock the osteometer onto the tibia prior to cutting. The ‘Clasper’ has an additional role in that it is used to replace the kern bone holders in the original technique. The ‘Clasper’ grasps the tibia crest prior to closure and incorporates location holes for the very large fragment forceps to lock into. The ‘wedgie’, used for manipulating the three osteotomies remains unchanged.



Click Here To See All Our Standard TPLO Plates


Radial cut TPLO is now performed on a regular basis now that we have 15mm and 18mm blades. We have added to our standard range of TPLO plates new 2.0 and 2.4mm plates.




Click Here To Buy The New Mini Stifle Distractor

Although the tips on our very small stifle distractor are very small the rest of the instrument remains too bulky for very small and miniature dogs. The miniature stifle retractor has been scaled down all roundmaking it ideal for smaller breeds. Small breeds get meniscal injuries too. As is the case with all our stifle distractors the retaining tips are overlapping creating a low profile, atraumatic entry into the joint.


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