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Here you will find a selection of our new products for Winter 2011. Please scroll down to see all the featured products now or to look at previous products featured in this new products section. 

To see our previous new products pages please click on the links below: -


Click here to buy the new Locking Screw Taps

We are pleased to advise that we now have stocks of standard locking screws in 3.5, 2.7 (large head), 2.7 (small head) and 2.4mm. All have the industry standard twin start locking thread on the head making them compatible with all standard locking plates including TPLO.
All Veterinary Instrumentation straight locking plates have the ‘stacked’ type locking hole suitable for both locking and non locking screws. It is our view that the combination locking/DCP type hole occupies too much space on the plate.
Since the introduction of locking screws into veterinary orthopaedics we have had the feedback that the self tapping feature works well in relatively soft bone (e.g. proximal tibia for TPLO) but it is less effective in dense cortical bone where getting the screw started can be a challenge. Starting the screw at any angle other than 90 degrees to the plate will have serious consequences when the locking threads meet the plate. In addition if the screw does not tap the trans cortex efficiently a disc of bone may be punched from the bone surface as the screw exits.
For these circumstances we now offer a locking screw tap with the standard quick fit coupling in 3.5, 2.7 and 2.4mm diameter.


1.0mm Screws & Plates will be available early in 2012 

Even 1.5mm screws can be too large for some of our patients. Dogs
weighing under 1kg are not unusual. Dropping a dog of this weight is also
far from unusual with serious consequences. Management of distal radial
fractures in miniature dogs is very challenging with a high risk of delayed
or non union. Non unions frequently result in significant bone loss which
are extremely difficult to salvage without amputation.
The 1.0mm system is appropriate for these dogs and for the very small
bones of larger patients. A range of straight and ‘T’ plates and speciality
plates is available.
The required screwdriver is a very small cruciate drive.
The pilot drill required is 0.7mm

Click here to buy the Plate Holding/Drill Guide Forceps

Temporary fixation of a bone plate at a fracture is an essential part of bone plating. Unfortunately there is an equal desire for the placement of bone reduction forceps and drill guides. The new range of VI bone holding/drill guide forceps attempts to address two of these requirements. All DCPs and many other plates are designed to hold and interact with spherical headed bone screws.
This range of forceps has a spherical ball tip on one side of the jaw and a pointed tip on the other to allow the maximum range of positions for each forcep without compromising the reduced fracture. Incorporated into the ball tip is a drill guide of an appropriate size which just protrudes through the ball to engage in the bone under the plate. As pressure is applied the ball tip engages the edges of the plate hole producing a secure fix of the plate on the bone with a drill guide in situ, hands free ready for drilling. The pointed tip is offset relative to the drill guide to prevent contact between drill tip and forceps.
Available for 1.5/2.0, 2.4/2.7 and 3.5 screws and plates.


Photo courtesy of Alex Piras

Click here to buy the Partial Carpal Arthrodesis Plates

Where the instability lies in the intercarpal or carpometacarpal joints and the radiocarpal joint is undamaged, partial carpal arthrodesis offers an outcome with a relatively normal range of movement. The problem is that the normal radiocarpal joint is capable of such a degree of extension that the distal radius tends to impinge on any implant placed onto the radial carpal bone. The image (left) shows a Greyhound carpus in normal extension.
VI Partial carpal arthrodesis plates have been engineered to have an extremely low profile and the proximal screw holes are placed very close to the proximal border of the plate thereby minimising implant interference on the distal radius. The proximal part of the plate is precontoured for best possible fit and to allow the best position and angles of screws.

Click here to buy the 'BoneBinder' Orthopaedic Cable Ties

Cable ties are very versatile self locking fixation system widely used in non surgical industries. They have been used surgically with some success but the materials used in industrial ties has not been cleared for implantation. Aesculap, after extensive testing and studies has produced a range of implant grade ties for use in veterinary orthopaedics. The ties my be used for temporary or long term reduction and fixation of bone fragments. The BoneBinder also includes a radio-dense strip.
Supplied sterile in 10 packs of 2 ties.


                       Picture courtesy of Noel Fitzpatrick

Click Here to buy the Arthroscopic Stifle Lever

Exposure of the medial meniscus for examination and treatment is never easy. Many instruments have been developed for the purpose. The original technique required a Hohman to advance the tibia. Standard Hohmans are not designed for the purpose and can cause trauma to the tibia, trochlea and meniscus. The original stifle lever addresses these issues but is a little bulky for arthroscopic use.
The arthroscopic version is finer, longer and has a substantial teflon handle allowing better manipulation of the joint. Also very effective in open arthrotomies.

 Click here to buy the Johnson & Johnson range of Liga Clips, Internal Staplers & Cutters

A potential complication of certain proximal tibial osteotomies is severe haemorhage from the popliteal artery. At best this is very time consuming and at worst life threatening. Ligation by standard techniques is made very difficult due the inaccessible location. Clips are the system of choice and ‘Liga Clips’ are recognised as the industry standard. Veterinary Instrumentation is delighted to have been appointed distributor for Ethicon speciality products.
The clips are available in a range of sizes but the small and medium seem to be most useful.
Application is simple and achievable in very awkward situations which avoids a massive dissection for access.




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